Whether you need help managing the entire product life cycle or just one phase, Meddux guides you through every aspect and delivers a solution tailored to your needs and goals.



Concept Generation & Ideation


Each problem is unique. Meddux has the breadth of experience across clinical specialties and depth of engineering expertise to analyse your problems, generate novel solutions, and synthesize the best ideas into a path forward.



Human Factors & Usability Engineering


Meddux understands the requirements landscape for HF/UE and the need for its thoughtful application around the clinical environment. We apply expertise in Usability Engineering, Industrial Design, and Product Development Engineering to develop medical devices that are safe, effective, and satisfying to use.





Whether your project is early in the product development process cycle, in the midst of design-for-manufacturing and assembly refinement for commercial scaling, or looking to reduce cost on a currently marketed product, Meddux can help. Our team can apply a variety of DFX tools and processes to take your product to the next level.



Phase Gate Product Development

Meddux-Website-Phase Gate Product Development.png

We follow a streamlined process that ensures your product is First-in-Man ready. Our team and facilities are ready to support clinical builds and low volume commercial production. Our thorough record keeping allows the Design Transfer process to be simple and backed by our continued attention.



Clinical / Commercial


We offer sustained engineering and support manufacturing transfer to higher volume commercial manufacturing needs. We are experienced in supply-chain management and the identification and successful implementation of critical-to-function (CTF) process controls.

  • Interventional Cardiology

  • Electrophysiology devices (diagnostic and ablation)

  • TAVR

  • Embolic filters

  • Peripheral Vascular

  • Neurovascular

  • GI Endoscopic

  • Interventional Spine

  • Laparoscopic Devices

  • RF Energy

  • Robotic end-effectors

  • Biopsy Devices

  • Urology Devices

  • Energy-Based Therapeutics (RFA, MWA, Cryo)

  • Energy-Based Devices (RF, MW, Cryo)

  • Balloon Catheters

  • Braided Catheter Shafts and Delivery Systems

  • Complex Hand-Held Mechanical Assemblies

  • Silicone Components and Materials Expertise

  • Rapid Prototyping and 3-D Printing

  • Nitinol Forming


  • Plastics Processing (Molding, Extrusion, Materials)

  • Precision Metal Components (CNC, Stamping, Wire-EDM, MIM)

On-site Capabilities


Workshop for creating prototypes, conducting force testing, UV adhesive bonding, and inspection capabilities with an OGP.

ISO Certified Class 8 Cleanroom to support clinical builds and low volume commercial production (ESD controlled), including sterile packaging with tray and pouch sealing.

SLA printing for rapid prototyping and testing of conceptual designs. Multiple materials to mimic many given product functions.